• Our four values

    At ArcelorMittal Gent, we attach great importance to the following four values:

    1. respect
    2. openness
    3. subsidiarity
    4. collaboration


    Respect – towards colleagues, superiors and employees, customers and suppliers, towards all the people we interact with professionally – is an essential value in our company. We value everyone’s contribution, and respect each individual’s personality and uniqueness. We are convinced that diversity generates innovation and creativity.


    It is important that everyone feels closely involved in his/her daily activities and in ArcelorMittal Gent as a whole. Employees must therefore possess the required knowledge and experience. However, openness also means that we are prepared to sit down and listen to each other and make time to pass on information.


    Giving responsibility to people makes a company efficient and increases the involvement of all its employees. It encourages them to perform their tasks independently, to take initiative, and thus allows them to grow further.


    A good mutual collaboration across positions and departments is the basis for a pleasant work environment in which employees feel good about themselves and about what they are doing. A modern company must be based on teamwork and mutual trust, on a collective ambition to strive towards continuous improvement.

  • Sounds appealing?

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