Why choose for ArcelorMittal Belgium?

  • Why choose for ArcelorMittal Belgium?

    To you, does a meaningful career entail: having responsibilities, challenges, openness and cooperation? Are you looking for a company that offers you all the advice, support and possibilities you need to further grow in your career? In that case, ArcelorMittal Belgium is the company you have been looking for.

    This is what we can offer you:

    Broad career perspectives

    At our company, you are given every opportunity to further develop yourself and take up new challenges. We invest heavily in our employees and frequently promote internally. Throughout your career at our company you are given the opportunity to follow several training courses. Thanks to our wide range of possibilities you are thus able to shape your own career. Working cross-site(s) in Belgium or even working internationally. Everything is an option as the ArcelorMittal group is located worldwide.

    Challenging working environment

    Our company has a solid reputation within the steel industry and that is how we want to keep it. We count on a team of competent and dynamic people who strive for continuous improvement. Working at ArcelorMittal Belgium means: variety, customer contact, foreign languages, different people and multilateral projects.


    Steel production never stopped evolving. Technological progress is thus crucial in our company. On demand of and in cooperation with our customers, we are constantly looking for new steel solutions and try to optimise our product quality continuously. For this purpose, we not only rely on the competences of our own research centres, but also work closely together with universities and other academic institutions.


    When you start working at our company, we do our utmost to make your integration as easy as possible on you. That is why every new employee is appointed a godfather/godmother–whether you start working in a production department or in a supporting service. This godfather/godmother is a more experienced colleague who shows you around in your first year on the job, points out the importance of safe behaviour and makes sure you feel at home in our organisation. Besides a personal coach, you are also given basic training to learn more about the company. After this, an in-depth training focuses in detail on your specific job and department.


    As an employer, we find it important that all our employees share our level of engagement when it comes down to our company activities. That is why we attach great importance to communication and team work.

    Wages and advantages

    Besides competitive monthly/hourly wages, you are offered the following benefits:

    • a group insurance
    • electronical meal vouchers
    • an additional bonus for employees working at the company for over 25 years
    • an appealing shift bonus for anyone working in shifts
    • etc

  • Vacancies

    Curious about our vacancies? You can access all of our open positions here.