Safer safety rails

  • Safer safety rails

    When it comes to saving lives on the road, the material from which safety rails are manufactured is crucial. High-strength steel can make the difference between life or death.

    Steel safety rails for more safety

    The safety rails that you come across to on highways, entrance ramps and exits, serve as a safety net for cars (weighing between 900 to 1,500 kg). As of a couple of years, we are using high-strength steel for this type of safety rail instead of construction steel.

    The mechanical qualities of high-strength steel are, compared to construction steel, easier to control and it is the best option when it comes to saving lives. A safety rail made from high-strength steel absorbs the energy better which is released during a crash. When driving off the road and hitting the rail, this specific type of safety rail ensures that the car steadily comes to a stop. In addition, it also enables the driver to regain control of the steering wheel. This way, the risk of an uncontrolled vehicle returning to traffic, is highly reduced.

    As these types of steel are stronger, less steel is needed to produce the safety rails. This is not only positive for the environment, but it also entails that the production costs are reduced. The high-strength quality of these new types of steel, makes it furthermore possible to double the distance between the supporting pillars. Per 100 meters of safety rails, we now only need 25 pillars instead of 50.

    Due to the reduction in weight, the transport and construction costs of these types of safety rails is reduced by 25%.

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