Organic coating line

  • Organic coating line

    In our organic coating lines a layer of paint is applied to steel sheets.

    How does this work?

    Before being able to paint the sheet of steel, we first need to degrease it. After two alkalic rinsings, we apply a chrome-based layer onto the strip to promote the adhesion of the paint to the substrate and to increase corrosion resistance.

    We apply four layers of paint through one single line passing.

    First a primer is applied. This layer promotes the adhesion between the metal and the top coat. The painting line consists of two ovens: a ‘primer oven’ and a ‘finishing oven’. Both are identical in design and are heated by hot air.

    After the primer oven, the strip is cooled and dried. When the strip leaves the finishing oven, an additional structure can be marked into the PVC paint by means of two embosser rolls. Different patterns are possible.

    After the finishing layer has been cooled, a stretch-leveller can still adjust the flatness of the painted strip.

    Before coiling the painted sheets of steel, they are first carefully inspected.

  • The production process