High-strength steel in cars

Steel, part of your life

Everywhere you go, you encounter steel

Automotive constructors utilise the newest types of steel in order to reduce the weight of their vehicles. This as cars need to become more economical, whereas at the same time the safety and driving comfort need to remain equally as important.

As is the case in the automotive industry, the reduction of weight also plays a hefty role in the world of transportation. That is why, ArcelorMittal continuously develops new steel solutions for trailers, ships and trains, so that their utility and maintenance costs drop whilst their impact on the environment remains constricted.

Not only road users but also the road infrastructure itself needs to contribute to a higher safety on the road. The material from which
safety rails, lampposts and traffic signs are made, is a determining factor when it comes down to safety. Steel is actually one of a few affordable materials that are strong enough as well as also able to absorb enough energy during a collision.

The energy sector uses advanced types of steel for the most diverse range of applications. You can, for instance, find steel in
wind turbines, in installations used for the extraction of oil or gas in oil or gas pipes or in storage tanks. Did you for instance know that almost all solar panels are attached to structures made out of steel?

Architects and building constructors love to utilise steel. Not only do steel buildings look amazing but they are also extremely sustainable.

The ArcelorMittal Gent steel is utilised in many household electrical appliances, construction machines, packaging materials and many other applications

Suppliers choose steel because of its interesting qualities. Because of:

  • Its strength
  • Its deformability
  • Its flatness
  • Its excellent welding possibilities
  • Its high fatigue resistance
  • Its corrosion resistance
  • Its unending recycling possibilities
  • And its electrical qualities
  • lighter safer car

    Lighter cars

    Automotive manufactures face major challenges when it comes down to the environment, safety and costs reduction.

  • Lightweight trailers

    Lightweight trailers

    Manufactures of vehicles continiously aim to reduce the weight of their vehicles and trailers.

  • Wind turbines

    Wind turbines for green energy

    In order to build one wind turbine (inland), 225 to 285 tonnes of steel is required.

  • Sustainable can packaging

    Sustainable can packaging

    With its good recycling qualities as well as other valuable attributes, steel can be regarded as the perfect packaging material.

  • household appliances

    Multiple household appliances

    We help manufacturers of household appliances create innovative products that fulfill the needs of the consumers.

  • Safety rails

    Safer safety rails

    When it comes to saving lives on the roads, the material from which safety rails are constructed is crucial.

  • Stronger construction machines

    Stronger construction machines

    Producers of construction machines want to build safe, strong and lightweight machines. Our advanced types of steel make this possible.

  • Fashionable buildings

    Fashionable buildings

    Thanks to its appearance and qualities, steel is highly suitable for the construction of buildings.