Process innovation


Process innovation

On average we invest around 85 million Euros a year.

These investments allow us to not only raise our productivity but to also improve our product quality, logistic processes and environmental achievements.

  • Thanks to the automation of the coverter, the productivity in the steel shop has risen

    Automated converter

    We have automated the casting processes in order to increase our factory’s productivity.

  • Continuous measuring of the thickness of paint layers

    Measuring of the paint layers’ thickness

    In the organic coating, the thickness of the paint layers is measured online. This enables us to fulfill our customers’ needs.

  • Revaluing CO and CO2

    In light of the Carbon2Value project we separate CO and CO2, derving from our process gasses, in order to convert them into chemical building blocks and biofuel. This project is supported by the ‘Interreg 2 Seas’ programme.


    Industry 4.0

    Every day our co-workers go in search of the next step towards the ‘steel factory of the future’, constantly pushing the limits of steel making.