Our responsibility

Our responsibility

  • ArcelorMittal - our environmental approach

    Excellent environmental achievements

    On average, around 15% of our yearly investments are directed towards taking environmental measures. By doing so, we are able to obtain better environmental achievements every year.

  • our employees

    Our employees

    Around 5,800 employees, coming from the most diverse backgrounds, work at ArcelorMittal Belgium. Their goal? To set up technological achievements on a daily basis.

  • Community development

    Community development

    We take our social responsibility highly and support many initiatives.

Health and safety: Our top priorities

Health and safety are the top priorities at ArcelorMittal Belgium

A steel plant is a challenging environment to work in. When talking about a ‘light’ coil of steel, we are actually talking of coils that weigh around 20 tonnes. When referring to a ‘cold’ slab we are actually speaking of a steel slab that leaves the furnace of the hot strip mill’ furnace with an average temperature of around 1,150°C.

Deciding to work at one of our ArcelorMittal sites in Belgium, means deciding to be part of a fascinating and diverse environment. Where the health and safety of our employees is key.