Our responsibility

Our responsibility

  • Carbon neutral steel

    Towards carnon neutral steel : our projects in the picture

    To become carbon-neutral by 2050, we have a number of large breakthrough initiatives underway, in addition to the continuous improvement projects that are common to all ArcelorMittal sites. Some projects are already operational, and some are being built right now. We will deploy these initiatives along a synergetic combination of blast furnace and direct reduced iron (DRI) route. Presentation DRI installation
  • ArcelorMittal - our environmental approach

    Excellent environmental achievements

    On average, around 15% of our yearly investments are directed towards taking environmental measures. By doing so, we are able to obtain better environmental achievements every year..
  • our employees

    Our employees

    Around 5,800 employees, coming from the most diverse backgrounds, work at ArcelorMittal Belgium. Their goal? To set up technological achievements on a daily basis.
  • Community development

    Community development

    We take our social responsibility highly and support many initiatives
  • Certificates

    We continuously improve our management system and comply with all relevant standards.
  • Our publications

    Since 2011, we have published an annual Corporate Responsibility Report. This replaces the annual reports and environmental reports published before that.
  • Health and safety: Our top priorities

    Health and safety are the top priorities at ArcelorMittal Belgium A steel plant is a challenging environment to work in. When talking about a ‘light’ coil of steel, we are actually talking of coils that weigh around 20 tonnes. When referring to a ‘cold’ slab we are actually speaking of a steel slab that leaves the furnace of the hot strip mill’ furnace with an average temperature of around 1,150°C. Deciding to work at one of our ArcelorMittal sites in Belgium, means deciding to be part of a fascinating and diverse environment. Where the health and safety of our employees is key.