Community work

Community work

Community work

A sustainable employment is embedded in our daily approach. We support different local initiatives as well as projects in Third World countries.

ArcelorMittal Gent has a Corporate Responsibility Coordinator who reports directly to the CEO. Initiatives on sustainable employment are regularly discussed during board meetings.

Support to projects in Third World countries

ArcelorMittal Gent is a founding member of ‘Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs’. This Belgian organisation is a collaboration between different companies and a number of non-governmental organisations. The purpose is to support profitable business projects in the Third World, so that the employment rate and economical activity in those countries is positively stimulated. ArcelorMittal Gent is a structural sponsor of ‘Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs’. In addition we also support other specific projects.

Support to projects in Fourth World countries

Social challenges close to home cannot be ignored. We therefore also support all kinds of social projects that help battle poverty by for instance providing educational possibilities to those living on the edge of society.

  • The ‘Kromme Boom’ is in many ways a unique care project. It helps people in distress who can no longer function in society. Often they have a history in institutions. At the Kromme Boom, these people are offered a total package of living, working and relaxing – in short: the ability to cope independently -, so that they learn how to live a normal life and take back their place in society.
  • CAW East Flanders (Centre for General Social Work) helps the underprivileged. It provides all kinds of services, from relationship and divorce mediation to assistance with applications for social allowances or assistance with filling out requests for asylum.
  • Kras is a cooperation between 13 services that combat poverty in the region of Ghent. The Kras services support between 4,000 and 5,000 underprivileged families. Kras offers, amongst other things, food, clothing, material aid, budget support and training and helps these families to participate in cultural life.
  • ArcelorMittal Gent also supports the non-profit organisation called Uilenspel, which organises homework support for underprivileged children in Sint-Amandsberg or Ghent-Dampoort (two neighbourhoods in Ghent). Underprivileged and foreign children often experience difficulties at school. Just that little bit of extra support can make the difference between failure or success. That is why at Uilenspel, around 70 volunteers spend one hour per week teaching children school skills in a fun way.
  • The non-profit organization Special Olympics Belgium annually organises championships for mentally disabled athletes. Our company offers financial support. The event is alternately organised in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels.