Innovation in the production of steel

ArcelorMittal Belgium is a worldwide reference in the steel industry. We produce flat carbon steel from A to Z, going from resources to finished products, in a highly efficient and hightech way.

  • lighter safer car


    Life without steel would not be possible in our current society. Many of the cars, household electrical appliances, buildings… that you encounter in your day-to-day life contain steel produced by ArcelorMittal Belgium.

  • Product innovation

    Product innovation

    In order to benefit our clients as much as possible, we continuously improve our existing products whilst simultaneously developing new applications. More than half of the products we deliver today, did not exist 7 years ago.

  • Process innovation

    Process innovation

    On average, we invest, around 85 million Euros a year. By doing so, we make sure that our processes stay optimized, that our productivity is enhanced and that our environmental impact is reduced.