Product innovation

Product innovation

Product innovation

There are thousands of types of steel. Each having its own distinctive features, which makes them suitable for specific applications.

Due to economical, ecological and commercial reasons, it is important to continuously invest in product innovation. That is why we never stop to develop new types of steel and coatings.

Did you know that more than half of the products we produce today, did not exist seven years ago?

  • Fortiform


    Fortiform® is a new range of ultra-high-strength steel, utilised to make the car of tomorrow safer and more economical.

  • Magnelis


    By coating our steel with Magnelis® -an unique metallic coating- we protect it against corrosion.

  • amstrong


    Amstrong™ is a range of ultra-high-strength steels that excel in strength, flatness and their mechanical properties.

  • Nature


    AcelorMittal developed a range of sustainable preprainted steel used in construction.