• Nature

    ArcelorMittal developed a sustainable, prepainted steel to be utilised in the construction industry.

    Nature is a range of sustainable, pre-lacquered steel to be utilized in the construction industry.

    100% sustainable

    Steel is often been given a coating when later used as a construction material. Giving steel a coating is done so in order to meet up with fire safety regulations or to improve its appearance. In rare cases these coating materials may contain hexavalent chrome or heavy metals, which are fabrics that are harmful to the environment and to our health.

    This is why, ArcelorMittal developed Nature, a range of prepainted steel that is completely free of hexavalent chrome or heavy metals.

    Extensively tested

    Prepainted steel is used in the construction industry, as it is sustainable and versatile. Examples of outside use are for instance: The coating of walls, roofs and gutters. Inside, the steel is mainly used for panels, lower ceilings and lighting.

    The Nature range contains steel for usage both outside as well as inside. Depending on the application, the range offers a 30 year warranty against corrosion and the flaking of paint.

    The range was tested for years before being launched on the market. We exposed different types of steel to sources causing corrosion. We also tested the effect different weather conditions have on the steel. The results were impressive.

    Coatings creating a surplus

    The coatings, used in the Nature range, not only define the appearance of the steel but they also offer other multiple advantages.

    The steel product Granite® Wood for example, is available in different colors and wood patterns. The product combines the warmth and esthetics of wood with the sustainability of steel.

    Granite® Comfort on the other hand, is perfect when used in warm climates. The coating reflects the sunlight and by doing so, absorbs less of its warmth than other prepainted steels. Result? A cooler interior without having to switch on your air conditioning.

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