• Magnelis®

    With Magnelis®, ArcelorMittal developed a unique metallic coating that protects steel against corrosion.


    We can galvanise steel in order to protect it from corroding. But with Magnelis® we are now able to offer a coating to our customers which protects the surface of the steel up to ten times better.

    The strength of the Magnelis® coating lies in its composition: a Magnelis® layer consists out of zinc, alloyed with 3.5% of aluminium and 3% of magnesium. The magnesium ensures that steel is, in normal conditions, protected from corroding for up to 25 years.

    One of the most remarkable qualities of the coating is that it recovers itself on the cutting edges as this is generally where corrosion originates from.

    Other advantages of Magnelis® are:

    • The excellent processability when welding and transforming,
    • The environmental friendliness of the product. A layer of Magnelis® contains less zinc than any other zinc coating, less zinc particles will thus end up on the soil when it rains,
    • The coatingcan be used on different types of steel,
    • The low cost, in comparison to other types of coating applied after the galvanisation.

    Magnelis® can also be used, for instance, to coat steel structures that hold solar panels.

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