• Amstrong™

    Our customers are always looking for lighter types of steel that are at the same time stronger. We responded to these questions by for instance developing Amstrong™: A range of ultra high-strength steels, that excel in their strength, flatness and mechanical qualities.

    Amstrong™ makes construction machines stronger

    Amstrong™ steel is ideal when it comes down to reducing the thickness and weight of a construction whilst maintaining the same loading capacities. Our clients choose Amstrong™ because of:

    • Its high (tensile) strength,
    • Its excellent transformability,
    • Its toughness in low temperatures,
    • Its fatigue resistance,
    • Its ability to reduce the thickness and weight of steel components,
    • Its higher loading capacity,
    • Its cost reduction, made possible through the use of ultra high-strength steel.

    The Amstrong™ range is suitable for a wide variety of applications:

    • Trailers and dumpers,
    • Containers,
    • Construction cranes and trucks,
    • Excavators and construction vehicles,
    • Vehicles and machinery for agriculture,
    • Concrete mixers and pumps,
    • Coaches used for goods& passenger transportation.
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