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Excellent environmental achievements

ArcelorMittal Belgium possesses all installations required to transform raw materials into finished steel products. Due to the nature of our activities we inevitably have a certain impact on the environment. Thanks to our highly-qualified employees however, we are able to continuously optimise our processes and installations in order to keep this environmental impact as low as possible.

As a basic industry, we utilise large quantities of iron ore, fluxes, energy and water. One of the key elements in our environmental policy (Gent/Geel/Genk & Liège) is thus the efficient use of natural resources and energy. We work via the so-called blast furnace route, which is highly energy-intensive due to the nature of the process. However when it comes down to the consumption of energy we do manage to approach the theoretical minimum levels. This thanks to our excellent control of the process.

Looking at our energy efficiency, we can proudly say that we are one of the best achievers in the steel industry. This is also why we are able to restrict our COemissions.

During our processes, we utilise a significant amount of water. Water is needed for different purposes: as cooling water, as process water and for environmental applications.

As the steel production goes hand-in-hand with combusting processes, we closely monitor the air quality in our environment. Dust control has always been our main priority, but we also keep a close track of other emissions.

In order to maintain a structured approach of our environmental efforts as well as trying to improve our current environmental processes, we have implemented an environmental care system that meets up with the international ISO 14001 norm. The environmental awards we have received over the years, demonstrate that our efforts pay off.

Do you want to learn more on our environmental efforts? Read the Corporate Responsibility Report. Those living in a surrounding area can visit us during our Environmental meeting day.