A good health at the basis of our prevention policy

  • Health

    Our health is our most precious gift. That is why as a company we want to take up responsibility and contribute to a better health of our employees. Not only is a healthy colleague happier, but (s)he is also more motivated and productive when healthy.

    Throughout the years, we have been conducting an active health-policy on 3 levels:

    1. Prevention: Preventing illness and encouraging health,
    2. Medical supervision: Tracking down illness prematurely,
    3. Re-integration: Guidance when returning to work after a long-term illness.


    Preventing illness is one of the main items in our health policy. Think for instance about trainings on lifting techniques to prevent back problems or trainings on display ergonomics for those working with computers. We also focus on ear protection and we have additional safety trainings for those working with chemical products. Finally, we offer free flu vaccinations to all our employees. The last couple of years, our prevention efforts were mainly focused on:

    1. Healthy food, by offering the opportunity to choose a healthy meal in our cafeteria.
    2. Plenty of exercise, for example by organising sports activities during the Health week.
    3. Smoking, by organising programs that help you quit smoking.

    Medical supervision

    Several times a year, our employees are invited to visit our medical service. Besides some basic tests, like taking the blood pressure, more specialised examinations are conducted. Think for instance of a visual test, a hearing test, a long function test or an electrocardiogram. The examination always ends with a short conversation with the company doctor during which health tips are given to the patient.

    Guidance when returning to work after a long-term illness

    Our company tries to offer as much guidance as needed, when employees return to work after a long-term illness. When someone cannot return to his daily job due to for example a physical injury, we look into the different possibilities in offering an adjusted job content. By doing so, the employee can continue taking part in our company life.

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