Road safety

Road safety

  • Road safety

    Analyses have shown that our employees face a higher risk of getting into an accident on their way to work, than having an accident at work itself. We therefore try to motivate our employees to be defensive in traffic.

    Learning from traffic accidents

    Employees that were involved in a traffic accident, are afterwards invited by our internal prevention service to talk about the possible causes behind the accident. This can offer new insights on how to further sensitise other employees during for instance safety trainings.

    We also distribute information on road safety via our digital information screens, that can be found in every department, and we also utilize our employee magazine to further sensitise our employees on road safety.

    Road safety trainings

    In the past, we have offered multiple trainings on road safety. We for instance had trainings for cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists. All trainings consisted of a theoretical and practical part, and were organised for both our employees as well as for their families.

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