Jet vapor deposition

  • Jet vapor deposition

    In our Jet Vapor Deposition line we coat moving strips of steel in a vacuum chamber by vaporizing zinc onto the steel at high speed. The new line represents a breakthrough technology for the metallic coating of steel. It is the result of years of scientific investigation by ArcelorMittal’s research and development teams in collaboration with the Metallurgical Research Centre, CRM group

    How does this work?

    The first step consists of degreasing the strip, so that all organic residues are removed. The steel strip is then transported towards the heart of the JVD. The lock at the entrance of the vacuum zone enables the steel strip to pass towards a vacuum atmosphere.

    After being reheated slightly, the strip is transported towards the zinc coating area of the JVD, where the zinc is vaporized onto the strip by a movable blower. The zinc condenses on the cold strip and solidifies.

    The coated strip then passes through an exit lock, similar to the entrance lock, bringing it back to a (normal) atmospheric pressure. The steel strip exits the JVD line to finish its route at the more classical operations of the steel production process.

  • Production process