Electrolytic galvanising line

  • Electrolytic galvanising line

    Our electrolytic galvanising lines are used mainly for the production of steel that is utilised in the automotive industry.

    How does this work?

    In the electrolytic galvanising lines the coils are first degreased, cleaned and pickled.

    Electrolytic galvanising means that the steel sheet is guided between 15 galvanising cells filled with an electrolyte at a speed of about 100m/min. An electrolyte consists of diluted sulphuric acid in which zinc is dissolved and split up in zinc ions. The steel sheet is electrically charged with a million amperes, attracting the zinc ions and promoting adhesion. This electrochemical process is called electrolysis.

    According to customer demand, the steel sheet can undergo further treatments, such as phosphatising. This treatment allows the steel sheet to be pressed more easily and promotes the adhesion of future organic coating to the zinc coating. For non-automotive customers who do not paint the sheet, a chromate layer can be applied as finishing layer.

    Own inspection lines, enable us it to perform supplementary quality inspections or adjustments like cutting, welding and oiling, all according to the customers’ wishes.

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