Fashionable buildings

  • Fashionable buildings

    You can find steel in both the functional as well as the more esthetical buildings. More and more architects and contractors choose steel as buildings constructed out of steel are easier to expand and to adapt to new destinations. They are furthermore bright, safe and easy to renovate. In addition, they meet up to the stronger environmental requirements set.

    Sustainable buildings

    As steel is extremely pull and pressure resistant, we can produce large spans which create enormous spaces. Example: The Louvain’ train station, where no less than 4,000 tonnes of steel has been utilised.

    The Louvain' station, an architectural pearl covered in steel

    And thanks to the newest coatings, our steel is now even better resistant against wind and other weather elements and it, in addition, looks even more streamlined and modern than before. The architects of the new football stadium in Ghent, for instance, clearly shared our vision when choosing to incorporate the ArcelorMittal steel in the roof.

    The Ghelamco Arena build by using ArcelorMittal Gent' steel

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