Stronger construction machines

  • Stronger construction machines

    Manufacturers of construction machines aim to build safe, strong and lightweight machines. Something which is made possible with the use of advanced types of steel produced by ArcelorMittal Gent.

    Stronger construction machines

    In order to develop high-quality machines, manufacturers of construction machines set specific requirements to the steel they want to utilise. Some examples:

    Ultra-high-strength steel is used for concrete mixers and concrete pumps: this enables us to develop machines with a larger range and a higher pumping capacity.

    Earthmovers require steel with excellent strength and toughness. Furthermore, for those parts that come in contact to soil, additional resistance against wearing down is needed.

    Builders of crane lifts face the challenge that both the reach of their machines and the loading capacity, need to be combined with a reduction of the total weight. They therefore use micro-alloyed types of steel with an extremely high elasticity limit.

    Lastly, the cabins of the machines need to serve a double function: They need to be comfortable for the driver on the one hand. On the other hand they have to make sure that (s)he is protected in case the machine would tip over or in case the cabin would be hit by a falling object.

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