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  • Lighter cars

    Automotive manufacturers face major environmental challenges as well as challenges on safety and cost reductions. ArcelorMittal therefore continuously develops innovative concepts, such as S-in motion®, to help reduce the weight of cars.

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    Our S-in motion® project helped reduce the weight of the so-called body-in-white with an astonishing 20%. The body-in-white is the bodywork of the car, without any closing parts, thus without doors, hood and trunk.

    With the S-in motion® we utilise advanced high-strength steel to further reduce the weight of the body-in-white. In addition, we can also further reduce the weight of other components, for instance of the movable parts as well as of other parts of the bodywork.

    In light of the S-in motion® project, thorough research was conducted on the eight parts of the framework. The analyses showed that car manufacturers can reduce the weight of their bodyworks with more than 22%, this by changing the material used and by optimizing the design of the bodywork.

    During the research, we took into account that our solutions had to fit into the processes currently already implemented by the car manufacturers.

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