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    Producers of household appliances are a very active group in a highly competitive market. We at ArcelorMittal Gent, help them with the manufacturing of innovative and cost efficient products that fulfill the needs of the consumers.

    household appliances

    Producers of household appliances often make use of advanced high strength steel which is stronger than the more traditional types of steel. The result is that the appliances not only become lighter but that also less steel is needed to produce parts, which then leads to a significant reduction in the cost and weight of the final product.

    To determine which types of steel are most suitable for the different applications, our engineers support the customer during product development. We can offer advice by using our product catalogue but at times, certain types of steel -that are (at that point in time) still in development- can be pointed out to the client as these might be better suitable for his/her needs. In addition, we conduct tests and simulations in order to be sure that the final product fits every need the consumer might have.

    ArcelorMittal has for instance developed a new concept for washing machines, which leads to less noise when the machine reaches a high speed when centrifuging.

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