Production departments

The production departments

ArcelorMittal Gent produces steel from A to Z: in the different production departments, we convert raw materials -mainly iron ore and coal- into high quality steel.

Hot phase (Ghent)

  • raw materials

    Handling of raw materials

    The raw materials arrive by ship at ArcelorMittal Gent, where they are then carefully seperated.

  • Coking plant

    Coking plant

    Coal cannot be used directly in the steel making process. We first need to convert it into coke.

  • Sinter plant

    Sinter plant

    Iron ore as well cannot be used directly into the steel making process. It is thus first converted into sinter.

  • Pig iron from the blast furnace

    Blast furnaces

    The sinter and coke are loaded into the blast furnaces where they are melted into liquid hot metal.

  • Convertor in the steel shop

    Steel shop

    In the steel shop, liquid hot metal is converted into steel, which we then solidify into steel slabs.

  • Hot strip mill

    Hot strip mill

    The slabs are rolled into steel strips with a thickness varying between 1.25 to 13mm

Cold phase (Ghent, Liège, Genk and Geel)

  • Cold rolling mill

    Cold rolling mill

    The hot rolled strips are converted into cold rolled steel plates with an average thickness of around 0.15 to 3mm

  • Galvanising lines

    Galvanising line

    In our galvanising lines, we are able to add an additional protective zinc coating to our steel so that it becomes corrosion-resistant.

  • Jet Vapor Deposition

    The JVD technology coats a moving strip of steel in a vacuum chamber, by vaporizing zinc onto the steel.