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    Progress Academy

    Over the years, ArcelorMittal and ArcelorMittal Gent have continuously worked on improvement. Increasing safety, boosting productivity, increasing efficiency, controlling costs, producing sustainable high-quality products, protecting the environment and offering an excellent customer service remain the main objectives in numerous improvement projects. In order to ensure that past efforts – together with the experience and knowledge gained – and their results are not lost, we created a Progress Academy.

    The Progress Academy consists of experts working for ArcelorMittal Europe-Flat Products. They implement the ArcelorMittal Europe-Flat Products Business System: which is used throughout all European ArcelorMittal plants where it governs all business aspects. The business model furthermore provides general principles and working methods that have to be implemented locally by all plants. Large companies in other businesses (think of for instance Toyota and General Motors) have implemented such global business models as well.

    A local branch of the Progress Academy was set up in each plant in order to help all sites in adapting their organisation and working methods to this model. Progress Academy specialists, the so-called ‘change leaders’, assist all departments in working more quickly and more vigorously on continuous improvement. In addition, the change leaders help draw up a master plan, offer unique methods and means, follow up the timing of projects and promote change. They can be compared to coaches bringing out the very best in each department.

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