Quality department

  • Quality department


    In order to deliver products that meet the highest quality standards, it is necessary to perform an effective quality control during all stages of the production process, this both for our products as well as for our processes.

    The quality management department is responsible for verifying the chemical composition and the physical properties of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

    In the chemical analysis laboratories, a full range of analytical techniques is applied, from the more conventional wet-chemical methods supported by modern measuring equipment, to the more sophisticated, robotised and fully-automated instrumental techniques such as OES and XRF: a dream come true for every chemist.

    The quality management department is also responsible for the metallurgical characterisation of our finished products. In their physical testing laboratory, they rely on high-performant automated equipment to determine the mechanical properties of our steel products. All these lab activities are logistically managed by in-house developed lab management systems, while the quality is assured through our ‘online statistical process control (OSPC)’.

    Along with the systematic evaluation and validation of the material produced, the department is also heavily involved in the research of quality problems and in the optimisation of our processes as well as of our products. Statistical studies and tests are performed in cooperation with the involved departments, and possibly with other research centers. With regards to technical research methods, techniques such as raster electron microscopy equipped with EDS and WDS analyzers, optical microscopy with image analysis systems, X-ray diffractometry, etc. are used daily in the laboratories.

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