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    With an average investment budget of around 85 million Euros a year, ArcelorMittal Gent remains a company in full development. Our engineering division is the coordinating force behind these investment projects.

    From the early beginnings of each engineering design, every project member is directly involved in the concept behind a new installation. Together with the end-users, the department closely examines all requirements, before our experienced designers start working on the actual development of the plans. This is done in close collaboration with the production departments. Established technologies are regularly combined with newly (in-house) developed technologies during the process.

    Furthermore, during the process, all legal conditions concerning safety and environment are respected. Our employees search for the best solutions in their own area of expertise (mechanics, electricity,..). The project manager overlooks the process, thus making sure that everything runs perfectly smooth. Every team member is in addition responsible for his/her specific part of the project. This from the start till the actual commissioning of the installation.

    Our engineers and technicians sometimes take up responsibility of entire projects, whereas other projects are partly outsourced. The engineering department also takes care of the coordination of our different construction sites and it guides the sub-contractors.

    Every project excecuted by ArcelorMittal is customised, this entails that all the ArcelorMittal group installations set the bench.. they are furthermore regarded as the most efficient installations worldwide.

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