Other supporting services

  • Other supporting services


    Our HR department carries out all essential personnel management tasks. This covers a full range of tasks, going from organisational development and functional classification to recruitment and selection to payroll administration. In addition the department also plays an important role in coaching and socially assisting our employees.

    The education and training department offers a wide-range of theoretical and practical trainings to the ArcelorMittal Gent employees.

    The internal and external communications department is the driving force behind all communication initiatives. To inform the employees they use a number of communication channels: an employee magazine, newsletters, digital information screens… The channels used for external communication are for instance this website, the social media pages, the yearly Corporate Responsibility Report and their participation in a number of different events (such as the Company Discovery Day).

    Safety is the top priority at ArcelorMittal Gent. Every division is closely involved in the execution of our safety policy. The overall coordination of the policy is executed by the Prevention and Company Safety department. Which also holds the medical division.

    The environmental department coordinates all activities revolving around our environmental policy, our environmental achievements and the follow-up of environmental laws. They are furthermore responsible for all communication on this topic.

    The ArcelorMittal Gent purchasing department buys local services and products that bring a surplus to our company. As we belong to a large international group, certain products or services are bought as one group or on European level. It is up to the purchasing department to thus decide on which level the purchase needs to be done.

    The Facilities Management department performs a range of supporting services that aim to optimise the plant’s core activities. They ensure that services such as document management (including bulk copying and plotting), travel, catering, postage and haulage, removals and furnishings are performed as efficiently as possible. They also attach the utmost importance to rapid response times and a high level of internal customer satisfaction. In addition the department handles external contracts, such as subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals, office supplies, furniture, travel agencies, etc. The department is also responsible for the maintenance and construction of residential building and road infrastructure, as well ass for lighting, sanitary spaces, elevators and standard HVAC.

    The Finance-division consists of accountants and controllers. Together they make sure that all accounts, throughout the entire company, are handled correctly.

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