Central maintenance

  • Central maintenance and energy supply

    Central maintenance and energy supply

    The maintenance department at ArcelorMittal Gent, are both centrally as well as locally organised: Each department has its own team of specialists, but there is also a central maintenance cell branching over the entire company. The central cell is, for instance, responsible for the mechanical maintenance of vehicles and overhead cranes. Employees working in this department are thus required to be flexible as they need to work across our site.

    The central maintenance cell also maintains the installation and distribution circuits that are used for the energy supplies of different departments. The division ‘general maintenance and fluids’ is for instance responsible for the distribution of energy and fluids. This entails that bought products such as oxygen and electricity are put under the required pressure and are then delivered to the ‘front door step’ of our internal clients. The cell also produces its own fluids, for example steam, and distributes these throughout our site.

    The central maintenance cell is also responsible for the maintenance of building infrastructures and for the maintenance of communication, air treatment and measurement installations.

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