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  • Customer relations


    The department ‘Customer relations’ can be regarded as the main link between our factory, the commercial organisation and our clients. It translates the demands of our customers into production data. The department aims for a better service delivery in different market segments via:

    • Direct contact with the customers,
    • Reliable and short-term deliveries,
    • ‘Just in time’ deliveries when required.

    In the ‘Customer relations’ department, all information on quality regulations, production regulations, planning of the production lines and transportation schemes are grouped together. By doing so, all answers coming from the customers can be answered directly. The customer relations’ team is furthermore also responsible for an administrative follow-up and the handling of complaints.

    Different sections follow-up on the logistical and technical aspects:

    • Production planning creates an overall planning. The order book is planned so that the quality demands are not interfered, that the delivering times are respected, that the production lines are efficient and that the supplies are well-managed. The line planning then fine-tunes the overall planning and creates a production planning for each production line.
    • The order owners accept and follow-up on the orders of the customers. This is done in close collaboration with production planning. They create the bridge between the commercial organisation and production.
    • The section information management and reporting is responsible for both the controlling of data streams and reporting, as well as for the maintenance and development of systems.
    • The division ‘outside transportation’ transports all raw materials and fluxes to ArcelorMittal Gent. It is also responsible for the shipment of (semi)finished good to our customers.

    In the department ‘Customer relations’, communication with the customer is key. Furthermore, an in-depth knowledge of the different production processes and products is essential.

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