Supporting services

Supporting services

Apart from our production and maintenance departments, we also rely on the expertise of our employees working in supporting departments to help our company expand further on a sustainable level.

  • Central maintenance and energy supply

    Central maintenance and energy supply

    The central maintenance administers the installations for energy supply.

  • Industriële automatisering

    Industrial automation and models

    Employees working in this department, aim to continuously improve our company’s processes as well as the production processes.

  • Informatica


    Our IT employees support all other departments when these are faced with software or hardware issues. They furthermore develop their own IT applications and tools.

  • Engineering


    The engineering department overlooks the many investment projects of ArcelorMittal Gent.

  • Customer relations

    Customer relations

    The customer is king at ArcelorMittal Gent. The department Customer Relations makes sure that this is not just a hollow phrase.

  • Quality department

    Quality department

    Our quality department employees closely monitor the quality of our products and processes.

  • Progress Academy

    Progress Academy

    The employees of our Progress Academy support the other departments in reaching the best of their abilities.

  • Other supporting services

    Other supporting services

    Perhaps a career in HR, internal and external communications, prevention, environment, purchasing or facility management appeals to you?